Alright so I would consider myself at a pretty good “expertise” level when it comes to SISTAR. As a seasoned veteran to the best girl group in Korea, having listened to them since their debut and keeping up with every event with them, I’m more than capable of giving a slightly biased review of SISTAR. I’ll be going over each member’s individual skills, the whole group’s synergy, and popular songs by them.

1. Hyorin


Real Name: Kim Hyo-Jung

Birthday: January 11, 1991

Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea

Role: Leader/Main Singer

Hyorin is arguably one of the best singers Korea has to offer and also one of the major reasons to SISTAR’s success. She’s capable of reaching extremely high notes for long periods of time as well as hitting low notes. She’s made appearances in multiple Korean dramas and variety shows that has all received high ratings. Hyorin is also known to have the least amount of self-confidence but has also had the most amount of appearances and solo songs out of all the members.

2. Bora

SISTAR Bora Touch My Body Wallpaper HD 3

Real Name: Yoon Bo-Ra

Birthday: January 30, 1990

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Role: Rapper

Bora is the main rapper of SISTAR and also the most coveted member of SISTAR. Most Korean males prefer Bora the most when it comes to looks and cuteness (aegyo). Her rapping skills isn’t necessarily great but for certain songs, her lines are the highlight of the song. Some of these songs include Give It To Me, Up and Down, and Sunshine.

3. Soyou


Real Name: Kang Ji-Hyun

Birthday: February 12, 1992

Birthplace: Jeju Island, South Korea

Role: Vocals

Soyou is known for her vocals alongside Hyorin and her curvy body. Girls all over strive for Soyou’s body and confidence and boys can only dream of going on a date with her. Soyou has been in many music videos, performed solo songs, and collabed with various artists.

4. Dasom


Real Name: Kim Da-Som

Birthday: May 6, 1993

Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea

Role: Vocals

Dasom is the youngest and most innocent member of the group. Although she doesn’t receive much publicity she still remains as the group’s little sister that everyone adores. Unfortunately, Dasom usually only receives a couple of lines only to be overlooked by the other members (Hyorin singing the chorus, Bora’s rapping, and Soyou singing a majority of the song). Dasom has appeared in multiple dramas that received good ratings but they haven’t been popular enough to receive a large amount of publicity.


SISTAR_1434030722_af_org (1)

SISTAR as a whole has a great composition with Hyorin and Soyou taking the lead in songs, Bora being the visual and rapping aspect of the group, and Dasom adding a touch of cuteness to the mix. SISTAR started off as a extremely cute and lovable group but now they have slowly transitioned to more of a sexy, summer group.

6. SISTAR-19


SISTAR-19 is the subgroup of the main group SISTAR which only features Hyorin and Bora. SISTAR-19 hasn’t released any songs recently but their hit song My Boy is one of the most popular songs in Kpop. Gone Around Any Longer is the second most popular song but is overlooked by My Boy.

7. Alone


 This song is the 1st song that kicked off SISTAR’s popularity after Push Push. Although Push Push was the first album released by SISTAR it hasn’t been popular at all. Alone really kicked off SISTAR’s popularity but it wasn’t their peak.

8. Give It To Me


Give It To Me was the album (and song) that made SISTAR surge through the rating charts for weeks on end. It was a different approach to SISTAR’s former cute look and instead turned for a more sexy appeal as the trend became sexier over the year. When asked which SISTAR song is people’s favorite, the answer will usually be wither Give It To Me or Touch My Body.

9. Touch My Body


SISTAR’s 2014 summer come back was a huge hit just like Give It To Me but Touch My Body didn’t do much to provide something different but it still remained one of SISTAR’s highest rated songs. Not only had it become insanely popular in Korea, it was even showcased on an episode of Family Guy.

10. I Swear


I Swear was an extremely surprising release and incredibly quick follow up to Touch My Body that eclipsed Touch My Body tenfold. I Swear was SISTAR’s thank you song as summer 2014 was coming to a close and the song itself had dominated every rating chart at the number 1 spot. Receiving an “all kill” is only possible to the most popular kpop groups and having maintaining an “all kill” for over a month is awe inspiring.

11. Shake It


SISTAR’s latest album Shake It received just as high ratings as I Swear and Touch My Body but in my honest opinion, it wasn’t one of SISTAR’s greatest title songs. The song was supposed to be SISTAR’s signature summer theme but it mainly reminded listeners that school is within the next month. The last thing I want from a summer song is a reminder that I have school in 4 weeks.

Concluding my take on one of Korea’s most popular girl group, SISTAR is well deserving of the spot they’re currently in right now and is most likely to remain in their spot for the rest of their career. It’s hard to ever imagine SISTAR to ever surpass groups like 2ne1 and Girl’s Generation when it comes to popularity since SISTAR’s fanbase is primarily in Korea itself rather than internationally.

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