Hey all, today I’m going to talk about the trials and tribulations of having to attend school in a wheel chair. Recently I’ve broken my ankle and had to get some surgery thats left me in a cast for the past few weeks, now while I could have been crutching this whole time my doctor advised against it and its very easy to fall, make mistakes, and potentially make your injury worse. In this article were going to address the basic spots.

Stopping and going: So handling the wheel chair is the first thing your going to notice, if your anything like me, you’re a speed demon. that means heavy stopping and fast rolling, its best to invest in some grip gloves or workout gloves to reduce any callus that may develop in your hand and to help grip you wheels.


Eventually your arms are gonna get tired and trust me your going to feel it in your chest, you don’t lift but you roll. So in times of trouble a good friend may be of help wheeling you around.


Night time safety: Frequently I travel around when the light is getting low or whenever there’s a show at the school it usually happens at round 7 or 8 at night, so at times like these it is important to be safe. Invest in some stick on reflectors and maybe a flash light so drivers and bikes can see you while your cruising around.


Crowds: If your in the chair then you should be let out first from your class if you have to deal with crowds en masse like at my school but if not , all hope is not lost. within a crowd of students or people you will find that there are some naturally occurring spaces big enough for you and your chair to squeeze into, do it. You need to get to where your going in a hurry. It also helps to have some noise makers like a bike bell, a horn, or a really noisy friend to yell and scare people put of the way.

All in all have fun and be careful, trick out your chair and make the onlookers jelly.

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