Hey there future and present Western Pioneers!!! I want to share with you, yes you, probably wondering why you. But who cares let’s carry on!!! I want to help you by giving some tips on how to make it through high school. Let’s get started!! Follow me!!

  1. The number one key that seems to help me is getting at least a good 8-10 hours of sleep. You won’t be so sleepy in class and you’ll be able to focus more. Especially if you have a zero period which sucks. Now believe me when I say getting a zero period sucks!! Don’t sign up for it!!
  2. Second is eating a good breakfast. They say it’s the MOST important meal of the day that can fuel your body and keep you going. Eating a good breakfast also helps with a good increased concentration in the classroom.
  3. Third is how you dress. When you’re getting ready in the morning, try to dress nice. Always try to look your best. Make sure your clothes are clean, and if you’re feeling ambitious maybe you can even match your clothes, try by making it unique to yourself. You might be thinking looks don’t matter, but they do to some extent.
  4. Numero Cuatro is having good hygiene. You know good hygiene is key, nobody wants to be around some who smells like that haven’t showered in three days. That’s just nasty!!! Take a shower everyday before going to school, and if you play a sport take two showers a day. Also PLEASE BRUSH YOUR TEETH IN THE MORNING AND AT NIGHT AND FLOSS. Nobody wants to smell that nasty breath when talking to you. So make sure you wash up before school.
  5. Our fifth tip is smile. Don’t be afraid to smile. However, if you’re walking through the hall and smiling at nothing, you’re gonna look crazy. People will just think you’re straight up weird and keep a good distance from you. Smiling at people is okay, but wear a neutral expression when walking through the halls, and you should be good.
  6. Going on six right? Yup going on six now haha lol. So six, make sure you have good grades. Even starting from 9th grade year make sure you keep them up. It’s better getting it done the first time then having to go to summer school and not having a fun summer. Trust me I went to summer school twice because I was such a slacker.
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