Freshmen year of high school your journey begins for another four years of school and what you commit your time to can to can determine who you’ll be not only in high school, but after high school as well…. YOU SHOULD JOIN A SPORT.

I can give you a 1000 reasons why you should join a sport, but I’ll cut it down to the top , and noo this isn’t going to be biased I encourage you to join any sport whether it be basketball, football, water polo or wrestling. This is a neutral  article on why you should participate in sports in general.

Social Skills Whether you have friends and want more or none at all, joining a sport can solve this problem to help improve social skills. Everyday during practice these are the people who help push you to become better and you do the same vice versa which is the base of any good friendship, Opposed to if you didn’t join a sport I doubt that your P.E classmates really care if you succeed or not.

Work Ethic It’s no doubt a hard work ethic goes a long way, but where do we form these good habits? Sports of course! Studies show that 62% of young adults who participated in an after school physical activity apply more after high school than students who did not play sports.

Competition Doesn’t the feeling of winning feel good? Testing your limit as a human being and seeing how capable you are of defeating other human beings..(in a not so bloodthirsty way). It just feels cool knowing you can rise to the challenge and be a better you, even if you don’t always win. I can tell I’m slowly convincing you. Well I saved the best reason for last

Fun And no not the band. At the end of the day that’s what it all comes down to right? I mean why would you really join in the first place, for the matching uniforms and sweaters? C’mon.. would you rather sit around bored at home or would you rather enjoy a nice day hitting balls, or throwing balls.. or.. — ANYWAY the point is you should just join a sport and you were at all iffy on the subject then consider the following because it’s something to definitely consider.


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