Western High School’s Pioneer Regiment

From their seventh grade year, marching band students dedicate hours and hours of practice and drills to get to the place they are today. Marching around the field every morning may not seem worthy to many students to be considered a sport, but the amount of perseverance and dedication amounts to more than just time on the field. Just think about the hand-eye coordination they have to practice to be able to memorize, play, and march at the same time. Regular band students run out of breath just sitting there and playing. Add on the marching and they can barely breath. Western High School Pioneer Regiment represents our school in statewide competitions and at attractions like Disneyland.

Bands from all over the world come to march in Disneyland parades.

In 2012, Western High School students bring home 2nd place award for the whole state. From there and on these students work hard so they are able to make their way up in rankings.


After hours and hours of practice, these students create a long lasting bond that makes them more than friends, but a family. Students currently keep in contact with their fellow band members from there freshmen year to their senior year.


Of the many clubs and organizations on campus, the Pioneer Regiment serves as the biggest group with more than 100 members.

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