Clock = Hoax Bomb?

Although we are long from the days of slavery, the holocaust, the KKK, the event of September 11, 2001, and so on, the prejudice that these historical occurrences left behind is still seen today. In society, the majority of people are afraid to be different. But the thing is, different is what helped us evolve into the modern world we live in.

When an individual introduces different, he or she is often looked upon as a threat to the world we know now. The concept of threat of prejudice hand in hand do not portray a good image.

Each race is often associated with some sort of stereotype. Mexican equals immigrant, black equals violence, asian equals intelligence, white equals privileged, and muslim equals terrorism. Each “crime” that is committed is expected to have different reactions depending on the race who committed it.

A situation that falls under this broad overview is the story of Ahmed Mohamed. Mohamed is different in the way that he wanted to invent.  A man by the name of Jacob Zech developed the first fully functional clock based on the work of those before him. Now, why wasn’t Zech accused of building a bomb? Mohamed was publicly humiliated at his high school by being arrested and accused of threatening the safety of others by bringing hs clock invention to school.


#IStandWithAhmed was how I first heard of the situation and I’m sure that’s the same way thousands of others heard of the situation as well. News spread worldwide and even got the attention of the president himself and presidential candidates. The support of so many people is our daily reminder that there is hope in humanity. There exists people with morals who understand the damage an accusation like this can cause a person, especially at such a young age.

This is just one of the many cases which can be argued to be influenced by race. Racist comments are thrown here and there but when the prejudice is applied to affect someone’s life, the joke aspect should be long forgotten.

 Imagine living in world in which your every move is judged and you have to live in fear of being accused of something you had no intention of doing. People come to America to search for a better life and some even come to be freed of oppression. Why isn’t America welcoming these people rather than pushing them away? If there is equality for all people protected under the Constitution than us Americans should live up to the expectations of seeing everyone as an equal and viewing them as their own person rather than a race. 

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