Being the biggest franchise of convenient stores in the world, 7-Eleven consist of 56,600 stores in 18 different countries. The growth doesn’t stop there as 7‑Eleven adds another store to its worldwide operations every three and a half hours. People all over the world make it a daily routine to visit this convenient store


Japan- 17,799 stores20140823 7-Eleven Shikoku Area


In Japan, this convenient store really plays its role as a convenient store. When ever you need anything, 7-Eleven is only a 5 minute walk away. From paying your bills to warming up you ramen, Japan’s 7-Eleven has everything for you. It can serve as a library, restaurant, cafe, post office, and even a pharmacy. They have the hot cook meals, the movie rentals, and the daily newspaper. When missing something at home, you can, without a doubt, go to the 7-Eleven on your street and buy it.



Thailand- 8,469 storesSevenEleven o-KIDS-MUY-THAI-570

Thailand may not be as developed as the other countries on this list, but it is certainly updated on what is convenient. 7-Eleven was placed almost anywhere they can find. Citizens have easy access to it 24/7. These stores may not be as filled as Taiwan and Japan but you can gt a warm meal and any daily necessities. For a third world country, they manage to keep up with the stores that will be of most use to their people.



United States of America- 8,200 stores

8,200 stores may sound like a lot, but think about how big the United State is. 7-Eleven is just not as convenient as a convenient store should be. You can still buy food and the all time famous, US 7-Eleven coffee, but its just not as safe. Not so kid friendly. Most of the time, 7-Eleven is located only at gas stations or on the shady side of the town. These stores in the United States can never be compared to how upgraded 7-Eleven is in other countries.



South Korea- 7,484 stores20140724-seven-eleven-korea_article_main_imageCapture

Korea has an exploding Media. They spread their influence on pop culture all over the world. So how would they publicize it to their own country, you may ask. 7-Eleven serves as their social media. Anything that happens in the entertainment business will be broadcast at 7-Eleven. not only do you get your meal and daily necessities, you also get your daily media updates. On down time or after a long day of work, you can just by yourself some instant noodles and sit outside to enjoy it.



Taiwan- 5,022 storesfh010018IMG_3592

For one of the smallest countries in the World, Taiwan is over populated with 7-Elevens. Every corner of every street contains a 7-Eleven. From floor one of your apartment building to the train stations, it’s everywhere. They have everything that Japan’s has and even more. Students go there right after school just to hang out. It is 100% safe for children of all ages to walk in to buy groceries for their parents. This store has become a necessity to this country because of how well it is used. Its’s basically a mall on the corner of your neighborhood. You can’t go a day living in Taiwan without visiting the 7-Eleven down the street.



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