Western High School’s ASB Presents:  “Adventure is Out There!”

Homecoming wasn’t greatly anticipated by many of the students here at western at the start of the year. It was seen as “any ordinary dance”, but with the Pioneer Press and ASB, it was turned into so much more. There was a lot to be done; ASB was working hard to make this dance successful before school was in session. From choosing the venue to choosing the theme, so many little components to the dance were being developed before any student even had “homecoming” on his or her mind. By mid-September, everything was decided and awaiting to be executed. At first, sales were low, but with the publicity of ASB and the Pioneer Press, sales started to increase. There were promotional videos, informational announcements, and short skits to build the hype. All were designed to get people to go to Homecoming. By the deadline on October 7th, 527 tickets were sold. This Homecoming was set to be one of the biggest in Western history. The dance was on October 10th was at the Titan Student Union at Cal State Fullerton. Much of the student body wasn’t sure if the dance would live up the all the hype, but they would soon find out that they were taking part in history.

There were many activities such as bowling, pool, ping pong, photo ops, as well as two separate dance floors. All these activities meant that no one was bored at any point in the dance, and that there was much to do other than just dance. At the end of the night, many students were drenched from being on the dance floor and completely burned out. The students were already asking ASB when the next dance would be, because they couldn’t wait to see what was to come.

After the dance there was an influx on posting activity on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. This placed more pressure on ASB to make the next dance even bigger than this one. ASB has always been know for putting big events together and there is no doubt that the next one in winter will be even bigger.

My name is Victor Baltazar and this right here, folks… is history in the making.

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