The Things Some People Do For Love

A father from Tennessee gets a black and red inking of a famous boyband’s logo on his arm for his daughters. Of course it’s the band One Direction, and this was part of a radio station’s contest in order to win front row seats to their show in Indiana. After the fact that he permanently had the boyband’s trademark etched into his arm did he learn that the contest was open to only Indiana residents.

The contest rules were that you had to be a resident in Indiana, and the point was to dress your dad up as the biggest one direction fan. Unfortunately for this man, he failed to read the fine print of the rules.

Although things didn’t go as plan for the dad and his daughters, the devoted father did indeed take his two daughters 300 miles to Indiana to see the band anyways. The big hearted father said that “[he’s] keeping it forever. It’s a good memory for me and my daughters. I did it for them. It’s going to stay with me forever.” This should not only be a valuable lesson for all you readers to read the fine print, but that love can make people do…crazy things

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