This is the time where school administrators want to quit their job. Dances are no longer cute and slow between nervous, pimply faced teens, but rather very promiscuous and, well, inappropriate.

No one could tell when this movement started. The movement of teens practically making babies on the dancefloor. We are about to have another baby boom. Now let me break down the top 5 dance moves that as a teenager, makes me want to go home and plunge my eyes into holy water, that almost every teen tries out on the dance floors. And yes, even the ones that play Yu-Gi-Oh cards in the dark corner of the campus.

The first one that I will talk about is the Red Nose. It started as a song, then took the whole nation by storm, from Washington all the way to Rhode Island.  Then comes the rare yiking. It is really rare, like only 10 people in each school knows what it is. And then finally the dance that is the staple of teens, adults, perhaps even grandparents, everywhere, is twerking. Heck it’s even in the dictionary. That represents the power of this new generation.

Even though these dances may seem fun, they are not recommended to do at school dances. Remember kids, have fun but not too much fun!

Good bye.


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