Fetty Wap is a young artist who was born on June 7, 1991 in Patterson New Jersey. He’s a rapper and songwriter who bursted into the scene in 2015.  My name is Victor Baltazar, and I can’t stop listening to Fetty Wap.  Fetty’s music has a way of captivating me in such a way that causes my emotions to settle. When I’m going through a tough time or having a bad day, I listen to Fetty. I’m actually listening to him right now.

File_000I don’t only listen to him when I’m down, I listen to him when I’m working out to get hyped up. Most of the time I just listen to Fetty because it makes me feel complete. The essence of Fetty Wap’s voice entering my body fills me with vigor that can last throughout the day.  Walking to school, doing homework, working out,  eating, showering, dressing, in the car, and before I go to bed. The only time I don’t listen to Fetty is when I’m at school, or at practice, but I might find time to listen to him while at school sometimes.

I personally don’t think that I’m addicted listening to Fetty, I just listen to him whenever I can. I first got into his music around April of 2015 when I heard his hit single “Trap Queen”, and ever since then, I was hooked. I’ve probably listened to his song “Again” more than any other because it got me through a hard time I went through that summer. When ever I’m down Fetty is there. Whenever I need motivation Fetty is there. No one really has told me that my constant habit of listening to Fetty was unhealthy, or maybe they have and i didn’t hear them because I was listening to Fetty? The emotion, the energy, the passion, and the love are all results of Fetty Wap. He’s the artist of the future and I will continue listening to his music as long as he’s still making it.

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