The education system in the United States is known for its infinite amount of choices regarding electives. However, as expectations of the young to achieve extremely high academic scores increase, competition is no longer avoidable. These circumstances leave many valuable classes in danger of extinction.

The art of dance is among these endangered subjects taught in public schools. Many have created the assumption that the dance program only teaches you how to move your body in an expressive matter. But, that is certainly not the only lesson one can take away from attending the class.

Without dance, one may not posses the amount of physical confidence they need to achieve their goals. Compared to someone who has had tons of experience of being high up on stage before hundreds of unfamiliar faces, the other may feel more anxious and insecure. The more a person moves their body, the more comfortable they become with themselves. The highly intense atmosphere becomes normal in the eyes of a dancer, which leaves them in a calm, professional state. Confidence is expressed in body language. It’s the first thing a person notices about you. Whether you walk in with you head held high and your chest forward is highly distinguishable between if you walk in hunched over with uneasy face. Confidence is absolutely one of the qualities hirers are looking for when they interview. However, confidence cannot be taught by sitting behind a desk all year long.

Without dance, one may not posses the preserving dedication they need as they enter a new job. As a dancer, you develop a sharp eye for the smallest things that need improvement inside a bigger picture. Dancing trains your focusing abilities to the very test as you perfect a choreography you have learned. The more you dance, the more you start to love it. And that love turns into a passion, inspiring you to keep doing your very best until the end of the project. Dancers attain a certain type of alertness to all things surrounding them. You’ll never get anything bad past them. The world needs these types of people for a numerous amount of jobs. These people with such an intense sense of dedication are people who are able to successfully start companies, direct people, and perfect projects to their very best effort.

Without dance, student cannot be able to attain qualities that will help them, not only in their academic life, but in the real world as well. Students should be able to get up and learn, as opposed to courses that only require taking notes. And dance is the perfect course to get active in their lives. By deeming the dance program as “unnecessary budget expenses,” you are also deeming confidence building and practice of perseverance as “unnecessary” as well.

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