Back in December 2, 1997 a baby girl was born Seoul, S. Korea.

And that baby is currently typing this blog. Greetings, my name is Angela.

5’2 – 100% Korean – Female – Short hair – Strawberry nosed – Voluble

I ask people, especially to those I have established an intimate friendship with, “What was your first impression of me?”

“I thought you were one of those typical,snobby girls that are fed up about getting  a 4.0 gpa and hang out with only Korean fobs.”

“You broke my first impression. I expected you to be shy and quiet. In reality, you were a loud, chatty surprise.”

“I thought you were funny. Your laugh changes every time.”

You know what? These first impressions are not entirely wrong, putting aside the “snobby” comment.  I feel as though that each and every impression are true qualities. I love conversing with strangers and friends. I love making people laugh, it gives me a sense of renewal which heals my gloominess. I love seeing reactions of those I engage in conversations with; that way I get to observe what traits they possess. I’m just that type of person. My friends call me weird; I’d probably hear this over 20 times a week. That’s just the type of person I am.

And that is my introduction. I invite you to my blog whether my blogs are first person or third person. This is my open invitation for you to watch my growth in Journalism and Broadcast Media. Watch my ups and falls. Observe the style I approach in different projects.

This is my senior year. I want to make it count.



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