With my obsessive shopping habits I always look for ways to step up my wardrobe and save money at the same time.  After searching long and hard I came to the conclusion that thrifting is exactly what I need! It’s a great way to do all of my favorite things at once without even worrying about how much I’m spending. I went out and did the “thrift challenge” with my friend Jenny, which is just going to thrift stores and seeing what outfit you can make for under twenty dollars- excluding shoes.


(rare image of me after a successful day of thrifting)

Not only is thrifting an amazing way to save money, it’s also great for the environment! I feel at ease knowing clothes people never (or barely) used can be passed down and put to better use instead of catching dust. I always look for ways to give back to my community or the world as a whole, and thrifting surely is a good way to do that.  Most (if not all) thrift stores are non profit so I love finding out which organization(s) or causes each store donates to.  The coolest part is I can feel like a good person without doing any work.  

It’s also pretty nice to think one article of clothing can be passed down from one person to another and still be styled differently each time. Recently vintage pieces have definitely been “in” so what I love about thrift shops is no one can really copy your style because everything is basically one of a kind. So thrifting makes it easier to be in style and unique all at the same time- which is harder than it seems.  Another reason I love thrifting is because it can keep me busy.  Some days there’s just nothing for my friends and I to do- it’s inevitable.  So going to the local savers or goodwill makes time fly by without us even realizing.

Jenny kept it simple and clean.  She found a boxy black dress and some intricate necklaces that she paired with some super cool heels she bought at forever twenty one.  She stuck with an all black look to make it look really modern- you can’t go wrong with black. This is how it came out..


Dress: 7.99 Necklace: 3.99 Bracelets: 2.99 Shoes: Forever 21 Sunglasses: Forever 21

My go to look from thrift shops would have to be something baggy with a flannel. On my thrift adventure I bought a pair of vintage jeans that I later cut into shorts and cuffed at the bottom, a flannel, a black shirt and a baseball cap.  It had a really cool laid back, but put together vibe at the same time which are basically the words would use to describe my style in a nutshell.  Here’s the final look!


Flannel: 4.99 T-Shirt: 2.99 Jeans: 7.99 Hat: 1.99 Shoes: Adidas Sunglasses: Dior

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