Top 10: Crazy Conspiracy Theories

Top 10 Crazy Conspiracy Theories

A conspiracy theory is a belief that a person or group has covered something up through undercover and purposeful activity against the law. Conspiracy theories have developed a stigma over time relating to crazy lies made up by people on the internet. With my somewhat decent experienced with conspiracy theories I decided to do some research and find the most out of this world ones I could find.

1. AIDS. It has been said by many conspiracy theorists that AIDS was created by the CIA and was to given to many people in Africa through polio vaccinations to reduce the world population.

2. Adam Sandler. Some people believe that Adam Sandler can see in the future. It has been said that he can see in the future because he predicted the death of Princess Diana in the movie Happy Gilmore.

3. World Trade Center. The destruction of the World Trade Center was planned by the US government to destroy evidence of secret plans that were in the building.

4. Flintstones. There is a fan theory about the cartoon The Flintstones. It’s said that The Flintstones is not about the past but the post apocalyptic future. Think about that for a second.

5. Stargate. Stargate is a 1994 film about going through different dimensions. In 2003, the Iraq war was a military action that killed thousands of people. Some people believe that the war had nothing to do with oil, but was because Saddam Hussein owned a Stargate himself and was communicating with other planets to plan the alien conquest of planet Earth.

6. Obama Controlling Weather. When Obama was being accused over an IRS Scandal a tornado swept the city of Moore, Oklahoma and changed everyone’s attention to the tornado. People say that the tornado was made by Obama with his weather controlling device.

7. Hollow Earth. There is a theory stating that the Earth is actually hollow and there is an underworld where the leaders of the world live. This underworld entrance is in the South Pole and guarded by super soldiers so no one gets in.   

8. Lizard People. This theory is believed by 1 in every 25 people that our government is run by lizards and that many news reporters are actually lizard people.

9. Nazis in Antarctica. It is believed by many people that the Nazis are still well and alive….In Antarctica! Supposedly during WWII Nazi scouts found underground tunnels in Antarctica that are a fine place to live. Not only that but there was also alien technology which they are waiting to use to take over the world.

10. FEMA. Conspiracy theorists are saying that the US Federal Emergency Management Agency is planning to kill us. Someone saw 50,000 plastic coffins lined up on a road in Georgia. Theorists say those are to bury people when the U.S brings back the Martial Law.

I hope you found some of these conspiracy theories interesting. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories myself as I think they are too far fetched *cough* Nazis in Antarctica *cough* but I sure do find them amusing as I am amazed at the creativeness some people have with these ideas.


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