I came up with the idea that my first blog would be about photoshopping. The more you Photoshop the more you get better at it. Most people think photoshopping is hard but it’s really not! This was my first photoshopping video/tutorial so there are better ones to come!

Before you open up photoshop make sure you already have all the photos you would like to edit just so your working process would be consistent.

Step one: Open up Adobe Photoshop and click on file/new. Make the Canvas size 2019 by 1080 pixels

Step two: Drag the photos you would like to work on onto photoshop

Step three:Start photoshoping!

To select an image use the

-The quick selection tool (the Magic Wand tool)


you may use the Pen Tool 9 (It requires more work but it gets the job done)

If having troubles with the tools use the Eraser tool (I use it as my back up)

-For the ears I used the eyedropper tool and the smudge tool to blend in with the pug

-I would adjust these at the top (the size tool

-To put object together you need to highlight the layers,right lick and select group from layers OR for short key hit command G.

Step four: To Export click in file/Export







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