As someone who had theatre for 7 year, I know one thing for sure: acting is not the simplest act in the world. It takes TIME, DEDICATION, BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS…or you can just read this article to get a few acting tips so you can be good for your audition!

TIP 1:

Being Nervous for your Audition is Actually Pretty Good!

My high school theatre teacher, Mr. Leighton, always told me that “a little nervous energy here and there is pretty good!” I know many believe that when their nervous that they will do a horrible job; what they don’t realize is that all that nervous energy does not hinder their performance. First, it demonstrates that you actually care about what the audition. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t be nervous, and trust me, the judges would prefer if you were a little nervous than outwardly confident to the point you are cocky. 

My first audition in my high school theatre class was anything but perfect. I was sweaty, shaking, and tripping over furniture. But the moment I stepped in front of the class-it was as if a switch had gone off. I suddenly felt my nervous energy leave and positive vibes enter. Although I didn’t get the role I wanted that day, I knew deep inside I gave an amazing performance. So, instead of suppressing your nervous energy, use it to rock your audition!

poery out loud

Picture: First place in Orange County Poetry Out Loud Competition

TIP 2:

If You Mess Up, Keep Going!

I know, I know, sometimes with all the jitters and nervous energy you might miss a line or a cue but hey JUST KEEP GOING! Yes you messed up but hey, if you can recover from that and act like it was part of your act then you’re good! Well what I really mean to say is that the people watching your performance will be more impressed if you mess up and recover than stop and bawl your eyes out.

Although I try my best to know my lines like the back of my hand, I still mess up once in awhile. My biggest mess up was when I was competing in the Orange County Word’s Out Loud Competition. I recited my first poem beautifully- with no mistakes at all, leaving the audience amazed. However, in the middle of my second poem, I forgot a line. At that moment I was incredibly mad at myself thinking ‘one line, one line, what is that one line!’ I paused and then recollected my self and continued-remembering that one line. I felt as if I had lost everything at that moment, so you can imagine my surprise when they called my name for first place. I cried, feeling as if the judges took pity on me. But, one of the judges came up to me and was amazed at my quick recovery. She said ‘You won not because of your performance, but your ability to go on with it.’ So always remember, whether in a performance or in life, to keep moving forward!


TIPPoetry Out Loud 3:

Don’t Freak Out if You Don’t Get the Part

Hey auditions come and go! Maybe this part wasn’t meant for you. And that is not a bad thing, it just means that in the future you’ll get the next one! You can’t stop after not getting the first one, you just got to shrug it off and look for the next audition. As I mentioned earlier in tip 1, I did not get the role I desired. But I took my own advice and by the next audition I got the main role in the play And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. There are famous actors that went through hundred of auditions to get where they are today; so, don’t be hindered if you don’t get it the first time around, just be hopeful for the next time! I believe in you! 

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Now with these few tips, go out there and rock your audition! Goodluck!

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