Whether it’s to grab coffee and rejuvenate yourself in the morning or to have a hardcore
study session with friends, 7 Leaves is the go-to spot! Located in Cypress, CA, 7 Leaves has been credited for its famous artisan coffee and authentic mix of flavored teas. With their small and simple menu, 7 Leaves focuses on the quality of their products rather than quantity. Check out the menu:IMG_0029
With their amazing drinks, they also have a variety of add-ons such as aloe vera, boba (or tapioca balls), egg pudding, sea cream, and grass jelly– it might come off as a little odd but surprisingly makes for the perfect combination! If you ever feel overwhelmed of the different options, ask the 7 Leaves cashier! They’ll be able to suggest a variety of drink combinations you can make that tastes amazing. Also, if you are ever unsure about any certain flavor on the menu, ask the cashier for samples! In addition, 7 Leaves serves assorted desserts such as macaroons and strawberry pastries– so if you are ever craving a little snack, definitely try their dessert!

IMG_0028Here, I decided to get the very popular House Coffee with caramel drizzle–life hack: the caramel is free of charge! Another special hack for all you coffee lovers out there: you can add up to 6 shots of expresso so you can get that extra boost in your coffee, also free of charge! 7 Leaves also allows you to make your own mixture of drinks, so if you think House Coffee and Jasmine Milk Tea go well together, order it!


As for the decor, 7 Leaves maintains a very hipster-like and tranquil feel with its display of abstract art, quotes, lamps, etc. The overall atmosphere is very chill and cozy, making it the perfect place to study, read a book, or hang with a couple of friends. Their store also emphasizes Gandhi’s famous quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”IMG_0031-2

Overall, 7 Leaves is the perfect place to get your coffee or tea fix with great and fast customer service. Not in a rush? Stay and chill with friends at the center table or have a relaxing seat outside– nonetheless, 7 Leaves Cafe should be your next visit!

7 Leaves Cafe in Cypress
Quick and great serviceNatural, authentic drinksFree wi-fi
Feels a bit crampedNeeds more tables
9.5Overall Score
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