20 Facts you didn’t know about Disneyland

Thought you knew everything there was to know about Disneyland? Think again ! here are 20 facts about Disneyland I bet you didn’t know.

1. Disney spends approximately $42,000 a night on fireworks

2. Toontown and the rest of the FastPass system aren’t hooked together so you can get a Fastpass for Rodger Rabbit Spin and a different ride at the same time.

3. Neil Patrick Harris does the countdown for the California Screamin’ launch.

4. All the water heaters at Disneyland are green or brown to hide the vehicle tracks and filtration systems.

5. There is a flight restriction above Disneyland, so no flights are allowed within a three- mile radius around the parks.

6. The Actual ride part of the Haunted Mansion is entirely underground, and the stretching room is just an elevator that brings you to that lower floor.

7. It took $75,000,000 to design and build the world of color.

8. The Matterhorn Yeti is named Harold.

9. The gold trimmings on “it’s a small world” is not paint but acctually 22 karat gold.

10. There are no 90 degree corners on main street, all of them are round.

11. When Tower of Terror was being built, it got struck by lightning.

12. On the Mad Tea Party ride in Fantasyland, the purple plain cup is the fastest.

13. There is a fake pet cemetary hidden behind The Haunted Mansion.

14. There is a basketball court at the top of matterhorn.

15. In 1995, there was a time capsule buried in Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. It will be opened on Disneyland’s 80th anniversary: July 17, 2035.

16. Three babies have been born in Disneyland.

17.  You can own a piece of Disneyland by buying a brick for $150. It will line the path right outside the ticket entrance.

18. All the plants in tomorrowLand are edible.

19. The Paint the Night Parade contains more than 1.5 million sources of light.

20. When Tinkerbell flies over the castle during the firework show, her dress is actually blue. the yellow light that shines on her on her makes her dress appear green.

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