Have you ever wondered why your friends don’t talk to you anymore? Did a family member  ever kick you out of the room after you played games with them at a party? Or ever wonder why the person you just played a co-op game with is giving you the evil eye the next day? Well, sure, some co-op and competition games are fun and all, but sometimes isn’t it more entertaining watching your friend suffer miserably as their chance of winning diminishes?However, some of them will most likely do the same to you. Here are some games that you share a love-hate relationship with:

5. Uno


The Spanish word for one! That’s the amount of friends you’ll have after winning too many rounds. Or, imagine being one step closer to victory as you have one card left in your hands. Suddenly, your friend glances at you and pulls out the 4+ card. Anguish and betrayal will be coursing through your veins halfway through the game. Now you have the urge to flip the table and murder that friend.

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4. League of Legends



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League of Legends, aka, LoL. But there’s nothing funny about this game. You will either meet salty players or just really unskilled ones, or just both. For those of you who never played the game, it is an online multiplayer game where you need to have a new mouse ready to plug-in, because all you’re going to do is click all day and avoid being reported. If you’re not good, those toxic players will start talking to the enemy team and whine to them how bad you are and to report you. It’s even worse when it’s your friend who plays with you and your teamwork is not there. Say goodbye to that friendship.

3. Super Smash Bros.

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Do I even need words for this game? This brings out the competitive beast in you and takes over. Just hearing about the game makes me want to pummel people who always hit me out of the stage. Or that one person who always puts all items on and you lose from all that random stuff that comes out of nowhere. Where did the blue shell come from? Why is Waluigi suddenly on stage and beating your character? Yeah you don’t want to play with those. The game will make you have to beat your friends relentlessly to ensure your win.

2. Mario Kart

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It’s ironic how Nintendo makes games that they claim to be ‘family friendly.’ Yet, they make most of the friendship crushing games there ever was in the history of gaming. This racing game isn’t all about who is the fastest, it’s all about slowing players down, pushing them off of Rainbow Road, using the lightning item in the middle of their jumps, and hitting the person in first place with a blue shell. I don’t need to continue why this game will most likely ruin your friendships.

1. Mario Party

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Here is the master of all friendship ruining games. Even for me, this is what I only know the game for. Friends would steal stars from you, some will make you toxic because they’re not good at the co-op games and you’re partnered with them, and there’s other competitive games like where some guy bumped into your character’s bumper and now you’re both going to lose. These games will often lead to trust issues, and a controller is bound to be thrown somewhere during the game. In the end, you will most likely be playing by yourself if you want to finish the game. Or if you’re in the lead, you will be betrayed in the end.

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