Game Review: Until Dawn
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The new horror-themed video game titled Until Dawn, by Supermassive games is quickly coming up into popularity for those looking for the type of game that will send a chill up their spine while playing in the dark. This game is a definite brain teaser, forcing you to make complex decisions to determine the outcome of the story, leaving it all in your hands to determine the fate of the characters given. Making a drop of sweat constantly rested on your forehead, In your state of worry that you may or may not make the right decision. Not only will your decision affect the immediate future but long term as well, as decisions you make will cause the characters will remember them and mold their available choices in the future. So it is completely up to you to handle the terror of the cannibalistic wendigos. In the end this game is simply your game, as it is mended together with your personality to make it function as well as it does.

The gameplay of this horror film type of video game is minimum when according to actually moving around your character. This specific game focuses more on the control of choices rather than the control of actions of the character you’re playing. So if you’re looking for the type of horror game similar to the Dead Space series, this is not for you. But just because you can’t physically control your character to stop the being that is attacking you, doesn’t mean that it’s not just as thrilling. One thrilling game mechanic in itself is the “Don’t Move” mechanic, where it reads the sensor of your PlayStation 4 remote where you literally need to keep still in order to not cause an action resulting in your character’s death. And like mentioned before another mechanic is the “Butterfly Affect” mechanic, making your decisions even more hard to make since the characters will remember every single one of them, forcing you to worry whether or not they will choose to kill you, or the wendigos will get you. This game is full of gut wrenching death scenes and jump-scares to send you flying off your seat. Until Dawn is definitely a game worth playing. Have fun!

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