Hotspots are what make Earth such a beautiful place, but we can’t visit all of them in one lifetime unless they last forever or we manage to save an abundant money to go traveling.  So, here are some places that you should visit before they disappear and trust me — they’re a sight for sore eyes.

1. Old FaithfulOld FaithfulYellowstone National Park is the oldest national parks in America. One of their number one attractions would have to be Old Faithful. Ten years ago, Old Faithful would have erupted every half hour, but now the tourist can only see Old Faithful erupt every two hours. In the future, this landscape might only be viewed once a day and eventually never again.

2. Glacier National Parkglacier_national_park_1920x1080Originally the home of 150 glaciers, Montana’s Glacier National Park now consist of less than 25 glaciers. With global warming coming in, it is predicted that this park will consist of no glaciers in the next 20 years. This change in the ecosystem will change the park dramatically forever.

3. The Great Wall of ChinaThe Great Wall of ChinaThe only man made structure able to be seen in outer space, the Great Wall of China has survived for more than 20 centuries. Sadly, this historical site may not be able to see the light of day in less than 20 years. Erosion and over farming is the cause of this tragedy. More than 2/3 of the wall is already closed off to tourist because of how destroyed it is.

4. Alaska Tundra45a0f6cfe648f50479f9768ab60919b7_largeGlobal Warming is affecting the Arctic two times faster than the rest of the world. Not only will the Alaska Tundra ice be melted from the rise in temperature, but it will also release extra carbon, speeding up global warming in the world.

5. VeniceVeniceBetter enjoy these canals while they last because Venice is slowly sinking. As years go by, the floods get worse and worse. Not only is the city going down, but the sea level is rising. A nonstop rise of the water, Venice will be engulfed by the ocean about 70 years.

6. The Dead SeaDead SeaBeing the saltiest body of water in the world, the Dead Sea is shrinking year after year. The water level is dropping 4 feet each year because of the drawing of water from the River of Jordan, which is the sea’s main source of water. So it is calculated that in less than 40 years, the Dead Sea will be just a dry piece of land.

7. The AlpsThe AlpsSitting at a lower altitude than the Rocky mountains, the Alps are expecting a significant drop in temperature and eventually closing down due to Global warming. Every year, The Alps loses 3% of their glaciers, which mean that in about 40 years it will all disappear completely.

8. Taj MahalTaj Mahal20 years of building of the Taj Mahal, this 71 centuries old landscape is closing to the public FOREVER! The amount of tourist is damaging the building. So in about 5 years, the accessibility to it will only allow the public to view it from afar.

9. MaldivesMaldivesMaldives is the smallest country in Asia consisting 1,200 islands. It is only five feet above sea level and with a total of 2.3 meters off ground. In less than 100 years, Maldives may earn the title of being the first country to be swallowed up by the ocean.

10. Great Barrier ReefReefThe largest coral reef in the world covers more than 133,000 sq miles. The Great Barrier Reef is so large, it can bee seen from outer space! It is the most famous attraction underwater, but because of the pollution and rising temperature of the water, the corals are slowing decaying. This change in ocean causes mass coral bleaching causing it to be completely gone in less than 100 years.


Well, there you go, folks!  These are some places that you should visit, but this list shouldn’t limit you to your travels.  There are many places in this world waiting for you.  Go out and enjoy traveling!



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