On Saturday, April 25th, we were invited to our second LA KISS game as credentialed press and this time, we went in like seasoned professionals! We arrived a bit earlier at six o’clock, where we managed to enjoy another perk of the media passes, the free catered food for the media, offering delicious dishes such as salmon, Italian pasta, pretzels in the shape of the Anaheim Ducks logos, salad, and baked cookies. This time we were more prepared, bringing three DSLRs, along with multiple lenses like a Sigma telephoto lens and a Canon 10mm-18mm wide lens.


The LA KISS started off slowly, allowing the Rattlers to dominate the first half. There were good plays from LA KISS but like last time they were slowed down by penalties and turnovers.


After a great halftime show by Street Drum Corps and performances by Exmortus, Kiss defense picked up third quarter and put a stop to the Rattlers scoring giving the offense time to make up some points. Unfortunately, a less virtuous fourth quarter ended the game 68-30 victory for the Rattlers.


The post-game press conference had an air of disappointment, but wide receiver Donovan Morgan kept a positive attitude and felt optimistic that the team could break their losing streak if they worked more coherently and shook up some new tactics.


The team’s new quarterback, Brian Zbydniewski, also spoke out commenting on a few misjudged throws but is confident that he’ll correct himself.

We here at The Pioneer Press believe these guys will start bringing home the W’s. Let’s go, LA KISS!

You can find more information about LA KISS on their websiteFacebook or Twitter.

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