Ambivalence is a student driven short film created by That Film Crew.

Ambivalence is a sci-fi short film following the life of a young girl named Jayne Ross. The film begins on just an average day that starts off already ruined with horrid news. With a nonchalant attitude, Jayne makes her way through her day with misc sources of stress coming her way. She goes home having had a horrible day to only have the day get worse through surprise events. The film, at the end of part one, asks the audience a rhetorical question, something everybody has probably thought or wished to themselves. If you had the chance, would you change your life?

A long while back, Mr. Olmedo had presented his media classes with the idea of making a short film. That Film Crew is made up of eight Western Students who responded to this call. It is hard to say what everybody mainly contributes to our group because that would be loads of repeating as when a situation presented itself the lot of them would step up and direct, edit, etc. That Film Crew is made up mainly of the writers of the short film, which helps in the sense that everybody has the same sense about how something should be shot, etc. There were other people interested in making a short film at the beginning, but when the time came the only people there were the writers and 2 others. That Film Crew is made up of two seniors (Kristy J. Christopher M.), five juniors (John B. Glen D. Joseph F. Brian G. Jarrel O.), one sophomore (Kim J.), and two fantastic advisers/people/adults/directionaring/somethings (Mr. O + Chris Kent). We went through a process of writing, casting, filming, and editing for the YMCA film festival and are continuing through it for the next. Through auditioning we gained some lovely talent, Lesley A. as Jayne, John B. (who is already on the team) as Eren and Chris D as Riley. However, through some unfortunate circumstances, Chris D. had to leave the team, on a brighter side, before he shot too much (else we’d have a character that randomly disappears). At the current moment, our actresses and actors are Lesley A., John B., and Kim J.

So far in our epic journey of the makings of a short film we have went to one film festival and are working on our film to improve it for the next one.

Keep an eye out on WESTERNDCC.ORG for updates as well as our Twitter, Instagram (@Ambivalencefilm), and our WordPress for more info.

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