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The Pioneer Press: Full Measures

Hey Pioneers! Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving break! We sure did, but today we’re back in the studio to bring you guys another episode. Sit back and enjoy!

37 thoughts on “The Pioneer Press: Full Measures

  1. I like how you guys interview, it’s always funny!

  2. Wow there's a lot of talent, great acting. 🙂

  3. This episode was great! I liked the part how the boy's whole life falls apart because he was late! I thought it was an amazing episode.

  4. The graphics are great as ever and its always hilarious. Keep making more episodes 🙂

  5. Great video guys! 🙂

  6. I've stayed up all night because of Skyrim as well!

  7. I liked the part where the guy was stranded on the island, trying to make a fire using two wooden sticks.

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