Week of May 23-27, 2011


This is it, Pioneers!  You’re very last set of Current Events Bonus Questions!

On the left, you have a list of people/topics who are trending in our current events lineup.  On the right, you have a list of actions/descriptions.  Match the person/topic with their most recent action/description and win a huge prize!  =P

And no, these do not have to be in order!  Pick a name, match their action and WIN!  W00T!  W00T!

Remember, your comments must be left in full sentences with correct grammar and syntax.  But I’ve already don’t that for you, it’s just a matter of you picking a name, and then grabbing their correct action, and submitting the comment as a full sentence!

Easy, eh?


Tim PawlentyJoplinDominique Strauss-Kahn

Newt Gingrich



Oprah Winfrey

Benjamin Netanyah



Missouri city devastated by a tornado Sunday Site of President Obama’s trip Monday, joking that he came there to find the apostrophe his family “lost somewhere along the way.”Television personality, producer and philanthropist whose top-rated show aired for the last time this week

Former Speaker of the House in the late ’90s and presidential candidate for 2012

Site of a volcanic eruption that disrupted air travel in northern Europe this week

Former Minnesota governor who announced he is running for president in 2012

Former IMF chief under out on bail for assault charges in New York City

Israeli Prime Minister

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