1. The head of what organization was jailed without bail in New York this week, charged in an assault case involving a hotel maid?
  2. Another consequence of his arrest, now this man probably will not be the good presidential candidate many thought he would be for what country?
  3. What well-known media personality announced this week he has changed his mind and will NOT run for president in 2012? (HINT: Some say he fired himself.)
  4. What space shuttle finally took off safely Monday, two weeks after its original launch date?
  5. What special spectator was there to watch? (Refer to Question #4)
  6. In a controversial move, the Army Corps of Engineers opened the Morganza Spillway this week, even though it will flood rural areas, but they did so in an effort to save what two cities?
  7. The royal family is in the news again this week. What country did Queen Elizabeth visit, the first reigning British monarch to do so in 100 years?
  8. Relations are strained between the U.S. and Pakistan after Osama bin Lauden was killed in a Pakistani city. What U.S. senator went there this week to try to ease tensions?
  9. What devices on nuclear reactors, designed to prevent explosions, are used in the U.S. but didn’t work on reactors in Japan?
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