1. The biggest news this week was the killing of whom?
  2. Approximately how long had the U.S. and its allies been trying to find and kill him? (Refer to Question #1)
  3. In what country did U.S. intelligence discover he had been hiding? (Refer to Question #1)
  4. Where was he buried? (Refer to Question #1)
  5. Ironically, why did the Army Corps of Engineers blow up a levee on the Mississippi River this week?
  6. Who is suing the government because of this? (Refer to Question #5)
  7. What commodity has been reporting huge quarterly profits for the companies that sell it while its price to consumers keeps going up and up?
  8. Millions viewed last week’s royal wedding. Fashion drew a lot of commentary, especially what often extravagant and dramatic item almost all the women wore?
  9. One event  that was supposed to take place Friday did not. What was it? (HINT: It was to be in Florida with the president attending.)
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