1.  What device has been in the news this week when a scientist announced it essentially keeps track of where you have been all the time – retains your geodata?

2. Tornadoes and other storms were again in the news this week.  At least seven people died in what state?

3.  What big wedding is taking place this week?  (Name both people) or each name)

4.  When is the wedding?  (Refer to Question #4)

5.  What is another big event that will happen Friday, this one in Florida? (HINT: It will be the final launch of what?)

6.  Name one of two unique people expected to be there for the launch. (HINTS: One may be skipping the wedding to attend. The other has been working hard to be ready for the trip.)

7.  Name the other. (Refer to Question #6)

8.  What U.S. auto company had the best quarter since 1998?

9.  The PlayStation Network was down last week, and now Sony has revealed what to its 75+ million customers?

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