Current Events
April 18 – April 22, 2011

  1. What change is Ticketmaster making in its sales approach?
  2. What top journalism awards (plus some for fiction, poetry, drama, etc.) were announced this week?
  3. Which award category had no winner for the first time ever? (Refer to Question #2)
  4. What state suffered millions of dollars in damage to buildings and crops plus the loss of 21 lives in tornadoes last weekend?
  5. What state’s governor vetoed a bill this week that would have required proof of U.S. citizenship for anyone running for president?
  6. Those with what job are under scrutiny lately for reports of falling asleep on the job and now, possibly, for a potentially dangerousincident with Michelle Obama?
  7. What deadline was a little later than usual this year because of a holiday observed in Washington, D.C.? (HINT: The deadline this year was Monday, April 18.)
  8. What well-known fast-food chain is hiring 50,000 workers nationwide?
  9. What precious metal reached $1,500 an ounce this week, an all-time high?
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