Blender gurus!  Here’s an incredible look into Blender’s powerful modeling, texturing, rendering and compositing tools.  This gem of an image was created by Kamil “mookie” Kuklo using Blender 2.56 and it’s absolutely beautiful!  Isn’t this little guy just the cutest?

Here’s what Kamil had to say about the inspiration for this adorable little

The idea for this project came when I first saw an image of a head of a bluebottle fly larva made with scanning electron micrograph. Although most of my friends found it quite disguisting I just felt in love with this incredible, rather funny creature. I started to think where it lives, what it eats and soon the whole concept for my work was ready to go.

If you need more proof than Sintel that Blender is really starting to take shape, here you go.  The closer we get to the final 2.5 release, the more we’re seeing that this little engine that could is going to disrupt the big guys across all CG-related channels.  Here’s looking at you, Autodesk.

Kamil did an excellent write-up for RenderSpirit, with some cool BTS (behind-the-scenes) and WIP (work-in-progress) material to look through.  Pay close attention to the compositing nodes toward the end of the article!  Incredible!



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