1. Whose salaries did President Obama announce he would propose be frozen?
  2. What actor died this week, one who had serious roles early in his career but became a comic star later in life?
  3. What whistleblower website was in the news again this week for beginning to release thousands of secret messages that had gone to U.S. embassies?
  4. What is the site’s elusive founder’s name?
  5. What kind of checks might no longer be available after this month to as many as 2 million Americans unless Congress agrees to extend these benefits?

  6. What Internet giant, according to unnamed sources, is in talks to buy the online coupon company, Groupon, for more than $5 billion?
  7. While Black Friday is a common term for the day after Thanksgiving, what is the increasingly popular term for the following Monday and what does it mean?
  8. A Pentagon study released this week indicates no long-lasting problems would occur if what law were to be overturned?
  9. What expires next month that has motivated President Obama and congressional leaders to meet for the first time since the midterm elections and discuss a possible compromise?
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