The young girl from Kansas is on a journey over the rainbow. She is introduced to the land of the munchkins; where she is greeted as a hero. She soon finds out that she killed the evil wicked witch. Then the sister, the evil wicked witch of the west threatens her to give her slippers back to her. Then Dorothy is confronted by the good witch of the north telling her that the slipper she wears saves her from the evil witch of the west. So then Dorothy decides to go home; the good witch tells her that the only way to get home is to get help from the wizard of oz. The good witch insists Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road that will lead her to emerald city; where the wizard is. So during here journey she meets the scarecrow who wishes to have a brain so Dorothy asks him to come along and receive help from the wizard as well. Then they enter to a forest where they meet the cowardly lion where he wishes to have courage. So later on they meet the tin man, who wishes to have a heart. Then they both join Dorothy in her journey. During there journey, they are encountered with evil witch again. This time she tells Dorothy she will die if she doesn’t giver her back her slippers.  Through out the movie Dorothy confronts many obstacles with her new friends. The protagonist of the story is Dorothy gale. The antagonist is the evil wicked witch of the west. The conflict of the story is for Dorothy to find the wizard of oz so she can find her way home.

What I liked about the movie is that all of the characters were really good actors. They had important and sweet roles in the movie. I also liked that Dorothy was a kind hearted person trying to help all of her friends. What I did not like from this movie is that the evil witch made it so complicated for Dorothy to get home. As well as when the wizard does not want to help them after there long journey. The music in this movie was phenomenal it catched my attention and made it very difficult for me to look away. As well as the shot composition the shots were not just plain and boring static shots many shots made it better and more interesting for me. The movie is very effective because it has such a strong plot to it and it makes the audience try and guess for what is coming next.  The ineffectiveness of this story is that there was not really much of a story for the witch’s point of view. In my opinion, it would have been a better story if they told us more about the point of view for the evil witch of the west.

One critic says “This is the visual representation of the duality that defines The Wizard of Oz: the desire to be someplace else, but the recognition that at the end of the day, there’s no place like home” (Brayton). I like the part where he says that people dream of being somewhere different from where they are now, but at the end you always know that there is no better place in the world than being home.”Ultimately it’s a film like any other film; if it is magical, then that magic is the result of what a team of craftsmen and technicians put together on a set”(Brayton). I agree that the movie is a magical piece of art, and it was defiantly well put together. “Garland’s performance is key here. She was 17 at the time, and although the vestiges of childlike innocence are still there, she conveys an undertow of trepidation, put across with the adolescent’s jangling nerve-ends” (Johnston). The actor who plays Dorothy is very well trained; she puts all her emotions into her acting, making it flawless. She gives us a story about her innocence in the movie that dominates the story line.

I would recommend this film to anyone; young and old. This movie gives us the point of view of the younger generation, that we also have a voice to be heard. Throughout this whole movie I could not look away I was very interested in what happened. With all the conflicts and situations, and the music that went on made it very interesting for myself.  If you are an older person I would very well recommend it to you. If you like a magical and funny sense of humor, then you should watch it. As well for younger children and adolescents. It makes a very intresting story about its good to imagine and wanting to go to many different places, but nothing in the world compares to the feeling of being home.

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