Forrest Gump directed by Robert Zemecki tells the story of a man named Forrest Gump, thought to be brainless and clueless about the world by several within the film. Yet as a child his mother offers him great encouragement and several words of wisdom which shape him into an innocent and well-behaved gentleman. Thru the course of his childhood, he faces several problems such as insufficient legs, bullying, and constant troubles. Within this course, positive aspects appear as well which include meeting Jenny, who remains eternally within the heart and life of Forrest, meeting new people like Elvis Presley, and the discovery of his hidden speed. Forrest and Jenny become the closest of friends through time, and stick with one another thru “thick n’ thin”. Unfortunately they are separated from one another as they grow by Jenny going off to study within a female dominant school and Forrest going off to play football thru the help of scouts and his incredible speed.

Both Jenny and Forrest continue to establish that childhood affection for one another, but lead their own lives, their own ways. As time goes by, Forrest goes thru a significant amount of changes which involve being a football all-star, Vietnam War soldier, ping-pong champion, shrimp business owner, and a running extraordinaire. Through various encounters the relationship of Forrest and Jenny is continually reestablished, yet the problem is Jenny’s constant denial to Forrest’s love. Throughout the course of the story, Forrest strives to earn the heart of his childhood love and continues to just “go with the flow”, following life wherever it takes him.

Myself, I believe the film was one of the greatest dramas created with an excellent script and a tremendously great execution. Every shot was unique in its own manner and kept me indulged within the film craving for it to never stop. My favorite aspect of the film was its starting and ending which coincidentally take place within the same setting, and I also enjoyed how the narration began from the main characters childhood to adulthood. The pacing of the story was excellent as well because it did not focus upon every year, but the main events in Forrest’s life. This film gave me no displeasure, and was perfect in my point of view. An effective aspect of the film also includes the way the story is presented to the audience, thru the eyes of Forrest Gump, so the audience can get a feel of being in the skin of the Forrest himself. The acting was tremendous by Tom Hanks and the rest of the cast throughout the film, and the music only added to the perfection of the movie. In my opinion, Forrest Gump deserves a ten out of ten in every category and is one of the all-time best films!

After researching other film critiques on Forrest Gump, I would have to disagree upon the rating given by Forrest Gump is an extraordinary movie which is emotionally gripping, romantic, and comical all in one. Yet some such as Edward Guthmann, from the San Francisco Chronicle claim this film to be “Zemeckis’ weakness for easy, maudlin sentiment” which I would disagree upon. This film showcases Zemeckis’ talent as a director who can produce such a gripping film out of a comedy based drama. It showcases Forrest Gump, who has an IQ lower than 75 yet he manages to live and extraordinary life. Positive aspects of the reviews include this,“For all its ambition, the movie ends up using great historical events in the service of a dubious sentimentality”, said by David Ansen of Newsweek. Yet the critique that I would most agree upon would be that of Robert Ebert of Chicago Sun-Times, “What a magical movie”.

To conclude this critique upon the film Forrest Gump, I would recommend people of all ages to watch this incredible film. Not only does it showcase a wonderful script, amusing audio track, incredible shots, wonderful acting, but it puts the audience within the world of another like no other film has ever done before. It brings enjoyment for all who watch the film, but it conveys various important messages as well. These messages include, “Life’s like a box of chocolates, never know what your gonna get” and “Never let anyone tell you they’re better than you”. Forrest Gump will compel you to live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment of bliss you receive, and forget all your worries.

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