1. What famous international prizes are being awarded this week? (HINT: As of Tuesday, winners have been named for Medicine and Physics.) 

  2. What was the achievement that earned either the award in Physics or the one in Medicine? (Refer to Question #1) 

  3. What was the sentence a New York judge handed down this week for the man convicted of attempting to explode a van in Times Square last May? 

  4. What kind of energy will be installed in the White House next spring to power the water heater there? 

  5. What are marchers protesting at rallies across the country after the suicide of a Rutgers University student recently? 

  6. What celebrity’s video on this issue has been on the Internet, viewed and reposted by thousands? (Refer to Question #6) 

  7. What did President Obama call the “unsung heroes of America’s education system” in a speech this week as he announced new grants to support them? 

  8. Why did Panera sell “Pink Ribbon Bagels” and the Empire State Building shine with pink lights? (HINT: What is observed in October?) 

  9. U.S. travelers to what part of the world have recently been warned to be alert for possible terrorist threats? 

  10. What professional sport begins playoffs this week, leading up to its national championship?
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