What’s up, Pioneer Visionaries!  In an effort to get you “in tune” with the world around you, I’d like to introduce you to an ongoing series I like to call Current Events — I’ll be putting up a few questions related to current events happening around the world.  This will be a great opportunity to help you develop awareness of all the amazing (and sometimes not so amazing) social, political and cultural aspects of human life.

Each week, I’ll put up a series of questions for you to answer — you submit answers as a comment below.  The catch, though, is this — you may only answer one question per week and you may not answer a question that has already been answered.  All comments come to me for approval, so if you’re the first to answer the question, it will get posted and you’re in for a cool little bonus!  =P

Here are the rules, abide by them or your comment will be ignored:

  1. Answers must be in consecutive order – this means that if Question #1 hasn’t been answered, you’re answering this one.  Do not skip ahead.
  2. Answers must be in complete sentences with correct grammar and syntax.
  3. The question must be restated in the answer.
  4. When commenting, you need to include your first and last name in the Author field.
  5. Deadline is the Friday of that week — after that, all answers are void.
  6. Comments may not be submitted between the school hours of 7:45AM – 2:37PM.

You dig?  Cool, because you’re wasting time.


Week of Sept. 13 – 17, 2010

  1. What two Mideast groups are participating in negotiations that start this week and participants hope will conclude with a peace deal within the next 12 months?
  2. Name one or both of these groups’ leaders.  (Refer to Question #1)
  3. Who is the U.S. Secretary of State who is meeting with them this week?
  4. What country released American hiker Sarah Shourd after more than a year in prison?
  5. The Internet is still buzzing about what Lady Gaga wore to the MTV Video Music Awards last weekend. She said her outfit was indeed made entirely of what?
  6. Primary elections this week created quite a stir as some members of what fairly new third party emerged as winners?
  7. Senate Democrats and Republicans are getting set for a battle about just exactly who would get to continue its ______________________________.
  8. What social networking site announced major changes in its look and functions to be rolled out over the next several weeks?
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