1. What Central American country had torrential rains that triggered mudslides, killing at least 40 during the last week?

2. What did a pastor say would be burned as his Florida church Sept. 11, sparking protests in Afghanistan?

3. Who does Gen. David Petraeus say this could endanger? (See Question 2)

4. In a speech Monday, President Obama promised to push for $50 billion to create jobs to upgrade America’s infrastructure. What does he (and the media) mean by this term?

5. President Obama also was planning to announce Wednesday another request he will make to Congress to help the economy. He said he will propose that businesses be allowed to get tax write-offs in 2011 for everything they spend for what?

6. What was the name of the storm earlier this week that hit parts of Mexico and then crossed into Texas, though most of the damage there was due to rain and flooding?

7. What happened in Colorado this week that destroyed an unknown number of homes in the foothills near Boulder?

8. What big city’s long-time mayor announced this week he will not seek re-election when his term runs out next year?

9. What is his name? (Refer to Question 8)

10. With elections two months off, which party is worried about losing seats in the House and perhaps losing its control there?

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