“We didn’t lose the game; we just ran out of time.”
Vince Lombardi

CONTENT OBJECTIVES: Demonstrate your ability to:

  • Develop coherent, well-paced dialogue
  • Use the Band Pass Filter to create a “phone-like” voice
  • Incorporate the Split-Screen effect
  • Create a dynamic customer service interaction based off your product



Customer service is not an easy area to work in; you deal with irate customers who yell on the phone, are disrespectful and, above all, care less about anyone and will say just about anything to get their way.  It’s a tough gig, no doubt.

But, on the flip side, there are often times when customer service representative receive phone calls from customers who, in all honesty, should have neve purchased their product or service in the first place.  Example: an 82-year-old grandmother calls Apple because her new iPhone is not turning on.  Have you tried pressing the power button, grandma?

The Outrageous Customer Service assignment is designed to give you a deeper look into scriptwriting as this video relies heavily on strong dialogue.


Create a video showing a customer service interaction between a representative in your company’s offices speaking to a concerned/angry/clueless customer.  You must use the product from your previous assignment — you can have the product fail, or you could have a customer call in who has no idea how to use the product or service.

  • Treatment
  • Script (Using Celtx)
  • Storyboards

As always, treatment, storyboards and shot list need to be approved by Mr. Olmedo before equipment is assigned and permission-to-shoot is granted.

  • PRODUCTIONHave your shot list and storyboards on hand and rock ‘n roll!  Have all props and actors/actresses ready, make sure your locations have been scouted and pre-approved for shooting and, most of all, have fun!
    • Edit your footage using Final Cut Pro
    • Create your titles, product card, credits in Motion
    • Mix your sound using a combination of Soundtrack, Final Cut Pro and Garageband


  • TRT must be under 3:00
  • Production Co. Title Card
  • Credits
  • Make use of controlled color
  • Background music and/or sound effects
  • Start on black, end on black.
  • P#_LastFirst_OutrageousCSR.mov


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