01. A Question of Resolution (that will be applicable to your photographs)

02. Project Preview

03. Download: Carmel Beach |

04. Opening in Camera Raw and Creating a Smart Object

05. Straighten and Crop to Size

06. Working at Correct Percentage and Screen Mode

07. New Smart Object Via Copy and Enhancing in Camera Raw

08. Black & White Adjustment Layer and New Merged Layer

09. Experimenting with Blend Modes

10. The Power of Layer Comps

11. Variations and Layer Comps

12. Setting Up the Print Document

13. Toggling Between Multiple Open Photoshop Documents

14. Increasing Canvas Size

15. Adding Text

16. Adjusting Tracking and Leading

17. Vertical Centering Trick and Adding the Trim Line

18. Adjusting for the Print

19. Simulating the Frame and a Word About Fonts

20. The Patch Tool and Gritty Noise

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