It’s the end of the year and what better time to promote your work than now? With what you’ve learned in previous Multimedia classes, the tutorials on here and your endless range of creativity, this movie poster is going to look sweet!

Before you start any of the tutorials listed below, however, ensure your follow these guidelines:

  1. Start a new Photoshop document with a width of 1600, height of 2400 and  DPI set to 300
  2. Poster must include the title of the movie in big letters
  3. Poster must include a tagline or catchphrase.
  4. Poster must include actor/actress names.
  5. Poster must include release date (either in theatres, Blu-Ray and/or DVD)
  6. Poster must include list of cast and crew at the bottom.

Really, just look around the room, study the posters around you.  Plenty of inspiration and well-designed posters to draw from.  The first poster listed below, “The Last House on the Left”, is a perfect example of what I’m looking for.  Good luck!


Movie Poster Tutorial Lord of the Rings Poster

Step 9 Blending photos in Photoshop like a Hollywood movie poster. Sin City Photoshop Tutorial Result

Create X-MEN movie poster in Adobe Photoshop CS4 Christian Keyes, Ocean, Boat, Tentacle

final gig poster

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