This is it Pios — you’re very last opportunity for bonus points.  This is the last set of questions for the year.  Make sure you understand the rules before posting — some of you still don’t get it.  //Sigh//

I hope you had your Wheaties this morning, you’re going to need them.

Current Events
Week of May 10 – 14, 2010

  1. What country had its prime minister resign this week and now has a new one setting up a coalition government?
  2. What is the new prime minister’s name? (Refer to Question #1)
  3. Hearings start this week in the Senate over the confirmation of President Obama’s nomination to the __________________________.
  4. Who is this nominee? (Refer to Question #3)
  5. What country’s leader met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this week and is set to meet Wednesday with President Obama about this country’s relationship with the U.S.?
  6. Whose hosting of Saturday Night Live last weekend drove the show’s ratings WAY up?
  7. In what state did tornadoes touch down Monday, leaving at least five people dead?
  8. What U.S. government leader’s son suffered a mild stroke Tuesday?
  9. Two Senate committees held hearings this week at least in part to figure out who is to blame for what major accident?
  10. What movie opened last weekend with the fifth largest all-time box office gross, even beating its own predecessor?
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