What’s up, Pios!  Here’s your weekly Current Events Bonus questions — remember to read the oh-so-strict guidelines before posting, I find myself trashing waayyyyyy too many comments because you’re either not following the rules or you think I’m actually going to be nice and give you the points without following the proper protocol.

Not.Going.To.Happen.  KTHXBYE.


Current Events Bonus
Week of May 3 – 7, 2010

  1. What well-known tourist area was evacuated this weekend when an unexploded car bomb was discovered there?
  2. Although the story has been changing quickly, as of Tuesday night the man arrested for this says he has ties to what country? (Refer to Question #1)
  3. The 40th anniversary of what event was commemorated this week on the Kent State University campus?
  4. What state experienced record-breaking rainfall in the last week, leading to serious flooding and the death of at least 19?
  5. What famous entertainment venue is closed because of the water? (Refer to Question#4)
  6. Why does the oil spill continue to be a problem in the Gulf of Mexico, even though workers have been putting out thousands of feet of material to contain it?
  7. What two airlines announced this week they are merging to form the world’s largest airline?
  8. What kind of over-the-counter medicine was recalled over the weekend?
  9. What holiday will be celebrated Sunday? (And everyone taking this quiz needs to act accordingly.)
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