Current Events
Week of April 26 – 30, 2010

  1. What nation has been the focus of a $60 billion bailout so it won’t default on its debts, a concern for members of the European Union?
  2. Which state has just passed a controversial, tough immigration law that some say may be unconstitutional?
  3. An oil spill from last week’s oil rig explosion is coming dangerously near what state’s coastline?
  4. Tornadoes last weekend killed 10 and leveled the town of Yazoo City in what state?
  5. What U.S. elected officials are complaining that Facebook needs to do more to protect its users’ privacy?
  6. Name one of them. (Refer to Question #5)
  7. What product is in the news because an engineer supposedly left a not-yet-released generation of the item in a bar and a tech blogger got a hold of it?
  8. What legal concept may be tested now because police tried to seize computers and information from the blogger? (Refer to question above)
  9. What country’s former dictator was released after spending 20 years in a Miami jail and then was sent immediately to France to face other charges?
  10. Where will Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez soon be posting messages, ironic because he is known for his long speeches?
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