Current Events
Week of April 19 – 23, 2010

  1. What country began experiencing a significant volcanic eruption last week?
  2. What international industry is feeling a major financial and logistical impact as a result of the volcano?
  3. Two professional sports are now into their end-of-the-season playoffs. Name one of them.
  4. Name the other.  (See Question #3)
  5. What kind of videos are no longer illegal to sell after the Supreme Court this week struck down a lower court’s ban on them?
  6. What investment banking firm was in the news recently, both because of its lawsuit with the Securities and Exchange Commission and with the announcement of its profits?
  7. What baseball team is in the news because its president was found dead in a Salt Lake City hotel room?
  8. What does one in three teens do at least 100 times a day, according to a new study?
  9. What ingredient does the FDA now say must be decreased in food and beverages?
  10. What word form did the Associated Press Stylebook change this week that caused a lot of comment from journalists?

Questions courtesy of Candace Bowen.

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