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Current Events
Week of April 12 – 16, 2010

1. Where did First Lady Michelle Obama go this week for an unannounced visit?

2. What has been the focus of the international summit with representatives from 47 countries that President Obama has been hosting in Washington, DC?

3. What country’s president, his wife and nearly 100 government and religious leaders died in a plane crash Saturday?

4. What U.S. dignitary will be attending the state funeral for these leaders?  (See Question 3)

5. Who announced this week he will begin a late night show on TBS next fall?

6. Although he didn’t win it, what tournament this week marked Tiger Woods’ return to competition?

7. Why is the IRS in the news this week?

8. What does IRS stand for?

9.  Toyota asked dealers to halt sales of one model of what 2010 car brand because of a “Consumer Reports” safety warning?

10. What well-known journalism awards were announced this week?


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