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Current Events
Week of April 5 – 9, 2010

  1. In what state did an explosion occur this week that killed 25 miners?
  2. Name one of the two events that included President Obama Monday, both more fun than what his job usually includes. (HINT: One was in the morning and included children, and one was in the afternoon and had to do with sports.)
  3. What will passengers on Spirit Airlines have to begin paying a fee for this August, the first company to charge for this?
  4. What left the Kennedy Space Center in Florida Monday morning, heading to the international space station?
  5. Which Supreme Court justice was in the news about his expected announcement later this month concerning his possible retirement?
  6. Which team Monday night won the NCAA men’s basketball championship?
  7. Which team won the NCAA women’s basketball championship Tuesday?
  8. The Obama administration this week announced a major change in its policy about what kind of weapons?
  9. What country’s president will meet with President Obama in Prague this week to sign an agreement about such weapons?
  10. What country experienced a 7.7 earthquake Tuesday? (So far this appears to have caused much less destruction than the December 2004 one that triggered a tsunami and killed 226,000.)

Questions courtesy of Candace Bowen.

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