Directed by Steven Spielberg in 1993, Schindler’s List, is perhaps on of the most touching and horrific story of recent memory. Based of true events of the Holocaust, this film captures nearly every detail of the horrific event and tells it through 197 heartbreaking and tearful minutes. The main plot of this movie is based around a man named Oscar Schindler, the protagonist, who is, as clearly shown in the film, a playboy, or one who likes to party and is into women. He is a member of the Nazi party at the time and is also an entrepreneur, or one who is interested in making a lot of money. Things however would change, as the Holocaust happened right before his very eyes, he would, for what seams to the viewers, have a change heart. As the story goes on, he would make some powerful Nazi friends and would secretly help Jews and their families. There really is no sol antagonist in this film… or if I were to choose one… the event itself would top my list.

In the movie, Oscar Schindler, would meet with a clever Jewish accountant by the name of Itzhak Stern. This man, a Jew also marked for ‘termination’ by the Nazi party was chosen by Schindler to be his accountant. Oscar, with the help of Itzhak Stern, would open several Jewish run factories. These factories would be run through the slave labor of the Jews. The kindness of Oscar Schindler however, would win over many Jews. As a matter of fact, his factories would later be referred to as heaven compared to life under Amon Goeth, a Commanding SS Officer who would kill Jews for any excuse he can come up with or for no reason at all. As time goes by Oscar Schindler would become a close ‘friend’ Amon Goeth and would use this friendship to influence Amon to give him more Jewish slaves in the factories. As time goes on, Oscar Schindler would benefit both his pockets and the Jews, as he never killed a Jew in his factory and always treated them with respect. As the Holocaust is near an end, he is faced with a difficult decision, he must either send all his slaves to extermination camps or he will be tired for treason. This decision would change his life for ever. As questions such as, “How much more money do I have?”, “Can I save any more Jews?”, “Is the war over yet?” are streaming though his mind, he will have to make a decision.

Many film critics agree that this movie is one of Spielberg’s best films. I agree, this film is not a joke like Jaws or something you can easily laugh off. No, this was a real life event, and this film portrayed it better then any other film or documentary of the Holocaust that I have ever viewed. Another thing that Rob Gonslaves, (the critic who’s review I chose to read), pointed out was the fact that many films featuring Nazis often show them as gimmicks or jokes. Not this film however. Schindler’s List portrays each Nazi as a human being forged from the fiery flames of hatred and anger, and portrays them as the true killing machines that they are. There was nothing that I disagreed with. I felt that this movie portrayed this horrific event with amazing detail such that you felt every little emotion and felt every painful act in the film. Take Amon Goeth for example; there is a scene in which he is sitting atop his balcony overlooking the whole camp. Next to him is his rifle, and through a point-of-view shot, Amon is portrayed randomly scouting and shooting Jews dead in their tracks. This particular scene shows the viewers the conditions and the horror of such a time and event.

I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to see the cruelties of the Holocaust and the kindness in the hearts of others. I believe that this movie used establishing shots better then any other movie in recent memory. I also feel that this film, like many other films directed by Steven Spielberg such as Jurassic Park and The War of the Worlds, is one of his best yet.  It helped tell the story and keep the audience waiting for more. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend viewing this movie. I guarantee that it will change that way you see the world for ever.

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