OBJECTIVE: Demonstrate your ability to:

  • Create an environment where a character turnaround is used extensively
  • Create a character model sheet
  • Create a well-timed, well-paced animation using either Mr. E.Z. or your own character
  • A thorough understanding of timing, anticipation and the squash and stretch animation principles


BACKGROUND: The Jet Pack animation will, undoubtedly, be one of your first major assignments where you really begin to realize the awesomeness that is digital animation.  We’ve gone in depth with model sheets and character turnarounds, and you now understand the importance of both.  This assignment is designed to allow you to dive head first into the world of animation in terms of learning our first animation principles.

Now it’s time to let your Wacom tablet sing and create your very first, story-driven animation.

Part 1: Figure Eight
Before you actually begin animating your story, we’re going to be looking at getting our characters to perform full 360° rotations while traveling in a “figure eight”.


  1. Create a pencil and paper drawing of your “figure eight” path.  Have Mr. E-Z or your own character follow this path.  Make sure to use Front, Side, 3/4 and Back perspectives to help build the third dimension.
  2. When this illustration is complete, bring it to me for approval.
  3. Create a new assignment in your Digital Animation folder titled 03. The Jet Pack.
  4. Create a new Toon Boom animation file and set your resolution to 1280×720.
  5. Begin creating your art elements and animation


  1. Mr. E-Z must either come from off camera left (out of frame) or must start on the ground.
  2. Animation must have at least 60 frames, but I would encourage you to go beyond this.  The more in-between frames you have the smoother your animation will look.
  3. Mr. E-Z or your character must go through the entire “figure eight” at least twice.
  4. The character must land back on the ground and/or walk out camera right.


  1. Hand-drawn figure eight (needs to have my approval stamp)
  2. Exported movie, with sound and title cards, titled P3_LastFirst_FigureEight.mov

Part Two: The Jet Pack (Story)

Now that you’ve had your chance to fly your character in 3D space, it’s time to create a story!  First, we need to think about what it is we want to accomplish with our character.  Remember, strong story lines have a 3 Act Structure — a beginning, a middle, and an end.  This is where your creative freedom comes into play!

ASSIGNMENT: Create a :30 or :60 animation involving either Mr. E-Z, Mr. Bean or your own character and a jet pack.  Your story should have a clear beginning, middle and end, should flow convincingly and generate audience interest.


STORY PITCHES: You will be pitching your story ideas to the class for further comments, questions and suggestions.  This is a great opportunity to get valuable feedback from your peers.  Remember, as a creative medium, it is your final decision on whether or not the feedback received makes it to the final animation.  But do listen openly and welcome all suggestions.


  • Treatment
  • Storyboards
  • Rubric
  • QuickTime Animation


  • Opening/closing title sequence
  • Background music/sound effects
  • TRT :30 or :60
  • HD @ 1280×720
  • P3_LastFirst_JetPack.mov








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