OBJECTIVE: Demonstrate your ability to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of 3D concepts such as modeling, animating, rigging, texturing, lighting, rendering and compositing.
  • Develop an understanding of the Blender interface


  • Blender Keyboard Shotrcuts

BACKGROUND: Animation has gone through many iterations, but early on, traditional 2D animation dominated the scene.  The pioneering animators at Disney, Warner Bros. and many other studios were creating incredible animated work using what was available to them: pencil, paper and an undying love for this emerging art form.

Fast forward to the late 70’s when a little box known as a “computer” began to really take form.  A new set of pioneers emerged from this era, most working for Industrial Light & Magic and the 3D.  It was during this time that these select few began to really see the impact that this new art form

ASSIGNMENT: Watch the following videos on Blender’s interface.  Get yourself acquainted with moving around in 3D space and learning the keyboard shortcuts!  Blender is heavy on keyboard shortcuts, the quicker you understand and think like a Blender artist, the sooner you’ll be able to start creating amazing 3D objects.

This assignment does not require you to complete any tasks, however, you will be test on the concepts learned in these videos.  Pay close attention to the keyboard shortcuts that are mentioned, as this will be key to your success in 3D environments!

Happy Blending!


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