One of my favorite assignments of the year; stop motion is a classic form of animation that, at one point, was really the latest and greatest in photographic techniques. It’s been overlooked for some years now, particularly with the advent of CG, but, like all good things, stop motion has resurrected and it’s making a huge splash. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be A-OK! Here we go:

  1. TRT must be no less that :30
  2. Start on black, end on black
  3. Opening title card, ending title card
  4. Stop Motion must be smooth, interesting and school appropriate.
  5. Stop Motion must use photographic techniques that cannot be replicated with film (For example: You can have shoes tie themselves, but don’t show a person tying his shoes.)
  6. There must be a coherent story or instructions on how to accomplish something.
  7. Filename:

Best of luck!

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